Ever updating list of resources, inshaAllah.


International Institute of Islamic Thought

Ihsan Academy

Qalam Institute

Online Classes

Safina Society – Mix of online and onsite classes offered

Qalam Institute – Mix of online and onsite classes/intensives offered

SeekersGuidance – Free, online courses


Hamza Tzortis

Shaykh Musa Furber

Shaykh Joe Bradford


Qalam Podcast – Variety of topics including seerah, shama’il, reflections, 40 Hadith of Imam Nawawi, and more.

Safina Society – Current events in politics and culture and reconnecting to the deen.

The Mad Mamluks – Focuses on “faith, politics, social issues, current news, random ideas”, etc.


Muslim Matters

The Qarawiyyin Project

Travering Tradition




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